Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: Belly Roll Love 2



Probaby the most bizarre part of this whole experience is when I get wonderful comments complimenting my tummy, sometimes even coveting it. 

I've told you guys this before - my tummy has been my ultimate enemy since I can remember. From 5 years old praying that nobody could see it sticking out through my school dress, to 15 years old and hospitalised for my ED, sneaking to the bathroom to do crunches. I have pulled it, poked it, punched it, loathed it for so many years.

Thanks to body positivity, I actually believe your compliments. And not because in some shots my belly is slightly toned - I choose to love my tummy in all of these pictures. 

The hard parts, the soft parts, the rolls and the jiggle. Every part I used to hate for not matching up to the impossible washboard stereotype the media pollutes our ideas of beauty with. I won't let them brainwash me any longer into thinking there's only one way to have a beautiful belly. 

They won't sell me their subtle self hatred with cures of magic pills or wraps or potions. We don't need those lies. We all already have beautiful bellies. And we all deserve tummy love. 

Love & bopo,

Posted: July 2015