Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: The First Belly Rolls

An amazing challenge to open people's eyes to the fact that the bad, unflattering angles don't make you any less deserving of self love. I may have gone slightly over the top with the ugly facial expressions.

We need to expose and eradicate so many myths about the female body. This is mine. I have tortured, starved, and hated it for when it has looked like the reality of the second 2 pictures. I have bemoaned and discredited it for perceived failure to emulate the impossible standards on our screens and magazines, even when posed as in the first 2 pictures. 

It's hard to emphasise enough what utter bullshit the images of women we see everyday are. Not only are those women forced into the most painfully 'perfect' positions, afterwards they're still edited beyond recognition. I know, I know, you've heard it before, but do you actually realise what it means? It means that it's not our job to spend our time, money, and sanity on trying to look like those women. It's not even those women's job to look like those women! 

We don't have to struggle through life bound and gagged by the oppression of physical perfection. We can just be... In any size, shape, posture or pose. And whatever that may be doesn't make us any less worthy of the space we occupy in the world. 

From now on I refuse to determine my worth by how flattering my pictures are. They are all me. And I am fine just how I am.

Love & bopo,

Posted: October 2014