Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: First Sun

The sun came out today 🌞 for years the signs of summer approaching have meant only one thing - time to start the next punishing diet and exercise routine to finally weigh x pounds so I can finally enjoy x, y and z. 

Putting conditionals on our happiness based on how we look is the biggest waste of life imaginable. All those things we're waiting to do, waiting to wear, waiting to be are all right there within our reach, passing us by because we're blinded by our own screwed up self perceptions. 

We spend our lives in chains that we're told get unlocked by the latest juice cleanse or ab workout, only to feel like hideous failures when the key is forever out of reach.

Get out there in the body you have now, wear the bikini, frolic in the sun, love and laugh and show the world that we don't need to cower to their expectations of beauty in order to live our lives how we want. 

We all deserve a life without body conditionals 

Love & bopo,

Posted: March 2015