Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: The Motivational Swimsuit


The one that you buy a size too small. The one that you hang up in sight so that it stares accusingly every time you walk by. The one that you envision looking flawless in, carefree and finally happy in yourself. 

I have wasted every summer of my adult life sweating and starving to achieve that vision. Telling myself I didn't deserve the joys of summer if I didn't look like that image of bikini perfection we're all taught to aim for. Torturing myself under the scrutinizing gaze of the size too small swimsuit.

But no matter how many times I yoyo-ed back down to that bikini weight, I was never good enough. I was never happy. There was always a flaw to find, a problem area to tone, a dimple to zoom in on or a roll to obsess over. This summer my fabulousness is overflowing in that swimsuit, and I am finally happy in my body. I never needed to lose anything except my brainwashed ideas about 'perfect' bodies. 

So cheers to my first summer of true happiness, body positive and free. That swimsuit is bloody painful anyway. 

Love & bopo,

Posted: June 2015