Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: Ode to Arses

A body positive ode to arses.

To all the small ones, the round ones,

the flat ones, the fat ones, 

the peachy ones, the saggy ones, 

the perky ones, the twerky ones. 

The bubble butts and the baby got backs, 

the ones into jeans she tightly packs. 

The you-could-park-a-bike-in-there! 

And the I'm-rocking-short-shorts-and-I-don't-care. 

The ones with a lot of dimples

and the ones with a few, 

here's a little insight from me to you:

You're absolutely perfect exactly how you are, 

we all have cellulite, stretch marks, the odd scar. 

But your derrière is your own, to love and to touch, 

so don't let society bully you into hating it too much. 

You don't need a thousand squats 

or implants to be more round, 

you just need to accept your individual beauty, 

isn't body positivity profound? 

Love & bopo,

Posted: November 2014