Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: Recovery is Possible 2

I asked my dad to take the first picture 7 years ago, I'd gained about 10 pounds and I wanted to show the world that I was all better. That there was nothing wrong anymore. 

In my eyes I was chubby again, so I could see my friends, go back to school, not be that girl with the eating disorder anymore.

I want this to show that our eyes lie to us. 

We can't see ourselves clearly when we look in the mirror because we're viewing through a filter of every 'perfect' body we've ever compared ourselves to. Every flawless picture of photoshopped beauty. 

What we're told we SHOULD look like becomes so ingrained that it blinds us to how beautiful we already ARE. 

In our minds we imagine ourselves without that roll, without that cellulite, without this, without that, less and less and less. We diminish ourselves until there's nothing left. 

No confidence, no self worth, no idea that we are all so incredibly breathtaking just as we are. If we could only see ourselves clearly. 

Love & bopo,

Posted: May 2015