Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: Recovery is Possible

I'd like to talk about something that I've heard a lot. 

I've heard it from medical professionals, complete strangers and even out of my own mouth in the past. 

It's the belief that nobody ever fully recovers from an eating disorder. That even if the disordered eating stops, the mental torture continues, or if those demons fade, there's still no way you'll ever be able to like your body, yourself. 

I have gone from being a terrified 15 year old girl, 65lbs and tied to a hospital bed being given weeks to live, to the woman you see here. Chubby, body positive, happy. Determined to let other people know that complete recovery is so possible. 

Be kind to yourself, be patient and forgiving. Keep going, there is life and light after eating disorders. 

Love & bopo,

Posted: February 2015