Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: Recovery is Worth it


I know there are times that you don't believe that. I know that it's harder than you ever thought it would be. I know that it hurts - physically, mentally, emotionally. I know that a lot people don't understand. And because I know, because I can never forget, I can promise you this... 

It will get better. The voice of your eating disorder that takes over every waking moment will fade the more you defy it. 

Food will get less terrifying, eventually you'll rediscover the joy in it. 

The old you will reappear, and the people worthy of your love will still be there, or new ones will come. 

A day will pass without the constant obsession of the next meal. 

Your body will try its best to heal itself. It might look very different and that will be scary. But it will let you live like you never thought you could again. 

One day you could even learn to love it. 

Keep going. Be kind to yourself, be patient and be forgiving. Believe that you deserve it. I know it might seem impossible, but it is worth it. I promise.

Love & bopo,

Posted: April 2015