Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: Righteous Health Warriors

Image: @bodyposipanda


       I'm so sorry that any one of you beautiful people are targeted and body shamed by imbeciles masquerading as righteous health warriors. 

Those people can't seem to grasp that even if someone's weight is having a negative impact on their health, the state of someone's health doesn't make them any less deserving of kindness and respect. 

Life isn't a twisted Hunger Games where only the fittest win the prize of self love and body positivity. 

It's been preached many a time on here that you don't get people to change their bodies by teaching them to hate it, but unless you've been directly asked for advice from someone who wants to change their body, don't push your damaging judgement on them to satisfy your own appetite for cruelty. Prejudiced morons.

Love & bopo,

Posted: October 2014