Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: The Truth Behind the Scales

I gave my old scales a well deserved makeover. They've been lying to me for years about my health, my beauty and my worth as a person, time to set the record straight.

HEALTH. Did you know that the obesity crisis is entirely fabricated by greedy diet companies paying for sensationalist headlines? Did you know that countless studies have shown fitness to be the key to good health, regardless of weight? And countless others that the highest rates of longevity fall within the 'overweight' BMI category? Did you know that BMI was invented by a mathematician and never intended as an indicator of health? Or furthermore that the cut off points for the categories were arbitrarily decided upon by the International Obesity Task Force (advising the World Health Organization), whose two biggest funders at the time were pharmaceutical companies selling the only diet pills on the market? Actually not so arbitrary. Actually entirely crafted to make money from people with overweight or obese BMIs tricked into believing their BMIs reflected negatively on their health. Interesting, huh?

BEAUTY. We are programmed, brainwashed into believing in only one type of beauty. And that if we try hard enough we can achieve it. This lie takes our money, time, and self esteem and leaves us in a perpetual state of self hatred. It blinds us to the diverse beauty around us and within ourselves. Recognise the lie, take the blindfold off.

WORTH. We are all worth so much more than what our bodies look like. We are not ornaments made to look nice for other people. We are multi-dimensional, magical beings, our worth cannot be reduced to any number. We are more than that.

I highly recommend all of you giving your scales a makeover, you won't miss them. I promise, they will never tell you anything valuable about yourself. You are far too fabulous for them. 

Love & bopo,

Posted: June 2015