Monday, 20 July 2015

IG Archive: In Black and White

More news headlines of eating disorder fatalities. 

For anyone who wonders why I do what I do on here, open your eyes. Anorexia has a 4% mortality rate, with a 20% rate of premature death caused by symptomatic damages to health. Bulimia 3.9% The highest mortality rates of any mental illness. 

Imagine a world where people don't starve themselves to death in the pursuit of thin because they know they're worth more than their body type. Imagine a world where people don't turn to binging and purging in times of distress because they can turn to body positivity and self love instead. 

This revolution is not about 'glorifying obesity' and it certainly isn't only beneficial to fat people. This benefits all people. This teaches all people that they are deserving of acceptance and respect regardless of their outer shells. That health and happiness come in more than one size and that damn it all those sizes are BEAUTIFUL. 

That you don't have to sacrifice yourself in the name of media body perfection because YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT.

Fat acceptance doesn't kill. Pick up an unbiased book or read a study that isn't funded by a diet company. Anorexia kills. Bulimia kills. Diet pills kill. THE DIET INDUSTRY KILLS. 

I'm pretty sure I'll be up there in that 20% one day, but until then you'll have to hold me down, tie me back and tape my mouth before I stop fighting for this revolution. 

Love & bopo,

Posted: April 2015