Saturday, 13 August 2016

55 Ways Body Positivity Could Change Your Life

Last week I reached out to you all on Instagram when I was having a bad bopo day. I told you that I was feeling weary fighting for something that so many people still refuse to open their minds to or accept. It happens! So to combat those body posi blues I asked you to tell me one way that body positivity has changed your life for the better - within 24 hours I had 1500 comments. I read through every single one, I took screenshots of the ones that hit closest to my heart, and the ones that showed all the magical unexpected ways we've been changed by this self love thing. My bad day quickly become one of the most inspiring experiences I've ever had. And if any of you out there need a reminder of why body positivity is so damn important, I think these will inspire you too. Thank you to EVERYONE who commented on my post that day, your words mean the world to me, and I promise I'll never stop. THIS IS HOW BODY POSITIVITY COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE:

 1. In this really freakin' important way:

2. It could help with something a lot of us seriously need:

3. And maybe make family holidays a million times better:

4. Maybe make ALL experiences a million times better:

5. Especially the ones that you'll remember forever:

6. It could change how you treat other people:

7. Including making you no longer an asshole:

8. It could definitely help you to deal with the assholes, too:

9. It could give you so much more mental freedom:

10. Freedom you could use to think about the bigger picture:

11. Simply put:

12. Body positivity could help heal you way beyond body image alone: 

13. Way, way beyond - even the parts of yourself that you thought might never heal: 

*TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of sexual assault*

14. It could free you:

15. It could show you a whole new way of living:

16. Living beyond just existing:

17. It could help you fall in love with more than just the physical:

18. The kind of love that can only exist between the best of friends:

19. ... With benefits:

20. Bopo could bring you miracles:

21. It could bring you sisterhood:

22. Sisterhood that's only really possible when we stop seeing each other as competition:

23. It could make you the best role model there is:

24. And the greatest teacher of all:

25.  Body positivity could literally save your life:

26. Or at least show you that it's worth saving:

27. It might help you put things is perspective:

28. And finally see that you deserve to be in the picture:

29:  And that you deserve to make those memories:

30. Bopo could help bring you closer to the people who count:

31. And realise that you're way too fabulous for the ones who don't:

32.  Reality check time:

33. It could show you how strong you are, through and through:

34.  Strong enough to fight through anything:

35. Bopo could overhaul your physical health too (if you want it to):

36. And DEFINITELY your mental health:

37. It could help you find the love of your life:

38. And to take your motherf*cking power back!:

39. TAKE IT:


41. Because you deserve to see how valuable you are:

42. Bopo could help you see others more clearly:

43. Or help you stop caring so much about how others see you:

44. Which in turn will help keep you much more hydrated (and happy):

45. It could end a lifelong battle:

46. Because 30 years is too long for anyone to be at war with themselves:

47. Even if you're not there yet, it could give you hope for peace one day:

48. It could help you take that day by the balls RIGHT NOW (hehe):

49. Bopo might be the thing that let's you see yourself through kinder eyes, at last:

50. And really see your true worth:

51. And see how every part of you is exactly how it's supposed to be:

52. So you should damn well dress it comfortably and flaunt it whenever you dare!:

53. Because:

54. And because every part of you is part of your beautiful, unique human experience here in the world:

55. And if the power of body positivity hasn't hit you yet, I'll just leave this one here: