Thursday, 8 June 2017

Cocktails, Bikinis and Belly Love

Hey loves! I thought I'd round up some of my favourite pictures from last month's trip to paradise to share with you all, along with the good, not so good, and the bopo triumphs of the holiday. Here goes!

First things first, bikini round up!

This bad boy is from Bikini Lab at ASOS - I'm wearing their biggest size so not a very size inclusive brand 

Peek & Beau at ASOS - super cute and didn't go see through like white bikinis sometimes do!
Ollllllld Debenhams bikini, still a favourite of mine!
My new favourite bikini EVER, from Topshop UK (serious Fresh Prince/Saved by the Bell vibes) 
This one's Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams from a few years back 

I picked this ASOS one piece up for £8 last year in the sale, but after one day the lace panels at the side ripped completely! 

Another Floozie by Frost French, my faithful flamingo costume

The Good

White sand, mostly clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine. And of course most importantly: FOOOOOOOOOD (and cocktails).
We made friends with this chef and ate verrrrrry well for the rest of the holiday

We made friends with some lovely people, I even got to meet a few of you guys who recognised me. The highlight of the holiday for us both was our trip to Saona island, we went out by speedboat, went snorkeling, toured the local town, visited the beach where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, and had massages overlooking the water. It was as close to perfect as something can get.

Bopo Triumphs

Continually not giving a damn about how I looked by the pool, embracing my jiggle at every dance opportunity possible, being present in the moment and not fixating on how my body looked to everyone else, and not wanting to delete a single photo that wasn't conventionally 'flattering'. Yep, this was definitely my most body positive holiday yet.

White hair, belly rolls and iced Baileys coffee

The Not So Good

There was really only one thing that put a bit of a downer on parts of the trip, which waaaaaas *drumroll* PATRIARCHY! Yup, everyday sexism follows you everywhere you go. Two main things seemed to happen every day:
  1.  Despite every document being in my name, having paid for the whole holiday and organised everything, all information/questions were addressed to Ben, even ones I'd asked myself.
  2. When I walked round the resort with Ben the staff were incredibly professional and polite, as soon as I walked anywhere by myself (and this is in a 5* resort), I was immediately objectified, cat-called, even harassed by employees and locals. Apparently even paradise hasn't yet learned how to treat women like human beings and not things to consume.

The Best

Brace yourself for mushiness. By far the best part was getting to spend 2 weeks with this human being, swimming around on each other's backs, forgetting what day it was together, being overly competitive at sports and making secret identities for each day. I'm pretty damn lucky to have someone so amazing to be with, plus, he's super handsome too (see proof below).

The guy who took this picture lifted his girlfriend before us, this way just seemed to suit us more

We went on an island tour and let the photographer take cheesy AF pictures of us, this one he called 'Romeo and Juliet' (but brown, obviously)