Wednesday, 23 August 2017

When 3 Bopo Babes Went to Miami

Nearly a year ago Melly, Anna and I started talking about going on holiday somewhere together, and since then we've probably almost gone on about 4 different ones - first it was Vegas, then it was Barcelona, then it was Amsterdam, then it was Greece, and eventually, it became Miami.

Before this trip, I'd never met either of them before. But I was pretty sure I was not being Catfished, since I've known both Melly (@yourstruelymelly) and Anna (@glitterandlazers) on Instagram for around 3 years (Melly was actually the first body positive account I ever found, way back when we were the #pizzasisters4lyfe and Taylor Swift's Shake It Off was the original #donthatetheshake song).

Obviously I was still quite nervous - would they like me in person? What if they weren't the same in real life as they were on Instagram? What if they got annoyed by my incessant body lotioning or need to show other people pictures of my dogs?!

But in the end, I didn't need to worry at all. Because it turns out I was going to meet two of the most fabulous, fun-loving, powerful and authentic women on the planet. What ensued was a week of laughter, drinking, dancing, eating, exploring, and group Instagramming that will go down in history as one of the best holidays I've ever had. So I thought I'd share some of the best bits with you guys!

We started our trip by waking up hella early on our first day in Miami to catch the coach to Key West for 3 days of sun, snorkeling, and finding out who made the best Key Lime Pie in town (Melly thought it was Kermit's, Anna and I preferred the Keylime Pie Bakery).

The first group picture by the pool in our hotel, super jealous of Anna's rainbow bikini

Pre-snorkling in Key West, this is where the now famous butt shot of Anna and Melly was taken (see below)

Proud to been behind the camera for this one!

Then came our first night #outout, which consisted of accidentally getting a wristband to the local nude bar, putting glowing ice cubes in Melly's cleavage and copying drunk men's dance moves while standing directly behind them (this being my favourite activity on a night out). This was also the first night that Anna's British accent came out, which by the way, is fucking brilliant - she used it on a guy from London and he didn't suspect a thing.

If you look closely, you can just see the glowing red ice cube in Melly's cleavage
On our last (and most hungover) day we got out of bed around 12pm and ventured out for Italian food and of course, more key lime pie. Then we got on the coach and headed back to Miami.

Data stealing hearts at a Cuban coffee place and me lady spreading while eating pie by the pool

Poolside fierceness

On our first night out in Miami we ate some amaaazing tacos, hit Ocean Drive for fishbowls, and a drunk guy paid Melly $20 for a hug, which of course went towards more drinks. The next day was probably my favourite of all, because our last minute bopo meet up happened, and I got to meet some incredible humans.

So thankful to everyone who came out for this, and to Mac's Club Deuce for hosting our bopo party and having the most reasonably priced drinks in Miami!

The meet-up may or may not have ended up in Five Guys - another first US experience for me

We obviously hit the beach before the meet-up
The next day we managed to get up at a reasonable time, because Anna had treated us to a Cuban food tour in Little Havana. The mojitos were so good that we went back that night to have 7 more (and saw our tour guide out doing the same thing).

Cuban sandwiches and cocktails
Domino Park, Little Havana

                              Melly, me, Anna, and Lana, our Cuban food tour guide

Then all of a sudden it was our last day, and the only thing left to do was take pictures in the kick ass Lisa Frank pjs Anna had ordered us all from Target.

I went to the airport to catch a flight back to London, and Melly and Anna went out drinking again since their flights were the next day. All in all, it was pretty fucking magical. And I'm really grateful to Anna for doing the organising and making it happen. Who knows, maybe we'll hit up Vegas, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Greece next time.

And just in case anyone reading this has ended the post feeling crappy after comparing their life to this highlight reel of pictures, I want you to remember that it's just that: a highlight reel. There was also disappointing endings to nights out, rude hotel staff, crying in the shower (okay that was me, I missed my dogs), literally hundreds of internet trolls, and all the ups, downs, anxieties and irritations of real life. Don't compare yourself to someone else's highlight reel, because you're never getting the full story.

Until next time #TruelyGlitterPanda - yes we made a hashtag for the holiday, that's what bopo Instafriends do.