Thursday, 21 September 2017

Body Positive Power

"You have the power to break out of the diet cycle, to stop giving money to companies that profit from our self-hatred, and to take your happiness right now, instead of 10 pounds from now."
Body Positive Power

Just over a year ago, I got an email from an address that said penguinrandomhouse with a question about whether I'd ever thought of writing a book. Instant reaction: obviously a phishing scam. But upon inspection, the email was legit, I replied saying yes, and started the 9 month journey of growing a book baby and preparing to deliver it to the world (you guys).

A hell of a lot happened during those 9 months - I started drinking coffee again, I re-read all of my bopo books, I changed hair colours about 3 times, I started going to therapy, and I gained weight (probably from sitting on my arse and typing all day every day, but that's kind of irrelevant since I don't have to justify or apologise for my body changing (and neither do you, ever)).

Writing this book has probably been the greatest challenge to my mental health since my recovery from anorexia. It brought up years worth of uncovered demons, it sent my anxiety over not being good enough into overdrive every day (hence the starting therapy), it took me back to the most painful parts of life so that I could write about them in the most truthful and raw way that I could. And now all of that is in the world wrapped up in the most pink book cover I've ever seen. Which is terrifying and even more anxiety inducing than the writing, but I'd still do it all again.

Because no matter how many copies the book sells, or how big of a deal it becomes, if it can be the reason that one person finally stops hating their body, that's enough. Maybe it will have the same effect on someone else as The Beauty Myth had on me 3 years ago. Maybe it will help someone in recovery realise that they have the power to make it out alive, and that would be so much more than enough.

If you haven't picked up your copy yet and you're not sure what to expect, here's a little breakdown of all the bopo goodness inside:

  • Get Thin or Die Trying - the first chapter is the truth about our obsession with thin: why we hate our bodies, how the obsession hurts us, the ways the media sells us the lie that thinner = happier, how body ideals have changed over time, why they've always been bullshit and why they still are.

  • Lose Weight For Good! (Only £29.99 a Month) - you know the diet industry that I hate so much? Well this is 45 pages of why: how companies first started to profit from our insecurities, what diet culture is, the truth behind diet pills, detox teas (looking at you Bootea), and weight loss groups (aka all the things that Weight Watchers and Slimming World don't want you to know). Plus my dieting years and all the proof that diets don't work (and why it's not your fault when they don't).

  • Dessert Every Damn Day - FOOD GLORIOUS FOOOOOD. This chapter explores where food guilt comes from, and how to leave it behind for good. Plus clean eating, the diet/binge cycle, and a full guide on how to learn to eat intuitively and make peace with food.

  • I'll Do It 10 Pounds From Now - this chapter is filled with all of the ways we put our lives on hold until our bodies look different, and why it's time to lose the 10 pounds fantasy and live now. There are guest essays from your favourite bopo people, plus advice on dating and sex, post-baby bodies, bikinis, bodycon, body positivity for men and more.

  • Not Sick Enough - the myths we believe about eating disorders, and the truth about what it's really like, where they come from, and how to help the people you love who are struggling. Plus the story of my own eating disorder - how it started, what living in a residential psychiatric unit was really like, hospitalisation, and fighting my way out (with trigger warnings placed throughout to protect anyone currently in recovery).

  • 'Being Overweight is Just as Unhealthy as Being Anorexic' - ever wondered if there's another story when it comes to weight, health, and whether our fatness is really killing us all? Here's everything I know about it, filled with facts that could knock down any health concern troll.

  • #Bodygoals - this one's all about the new obsession with #strongnotskinny, how fitspo hurts us and how we can reclaim movement and exercise for enjoyment, not as a way of punishing our bodies or 'making up' for what we've eaten.

  • What Now? For the final chapter I've left you with a full step-by-step guide of what you can do to get your body acceptance journey started, right now.

You can also find Belly Love Tips hidden throughout the book, like this one: 

And lots of body positive artwork from the incredible Kelly Bastow (aka Moose Kleenex) at the start of every chapter, that look like this:

Ready to start learning about all things body positive and make peace with your body? Click here to order your copy (US bopo babes, hold on tight, it's on the way...).

And if you've already read Body Positive Power, let me (and Amazon!) know if you enjoyed it! But most of all, thank you. I've appreciated your support during this process more than I can say, and I'm so thankful that every one of you is here. I hope every one of you realises how powerful you really are, and I'm not going anywhere until you do.

Love & bopo,