Monday, 14 March 2016

To Anyone Whose Ever Tried To Heal Self Hatred With Sex

I am seventeen years old and I've thrown
a house party for my best friend's birthday.
I invited our friends, they invited their friends,
they invited their friends, and now there must
be over 100 people here, and most of them
are boys who I don't know. I've had more
than a few drinks, and I go over to three 
guys who I vaguely recognise from school.
We stand in a circle and introduce ourselves,
I pretend to join in with their 'banter', and then 
out of the blue one of the boys reaches his hand
across the circle, under my dress and into my
underwear. For a second I am frozen, and then
I react how I believe that I'm supposed to.
I giggle, then I make an excuse and walk 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Why Women's Magazines Will Always Make Us Feel Sh*t About Ourselves

I sit down and let myself sink into the glossy
comfort of my favourite magazine. With each flick
I'm assured that I can have perfect skin,
that I do have the power to get the sex I want,
that I if I overhaul my wardrobe I can overhaul my
life, that if I just commit 15 minutes a day to the
latest workout I can get the perfect beach body! 
Apparently I can have it all... So why do I feel...

Raise your hand if that feels familiar. *raises both hands* I spent years buying into the allure of the shiny self esteem breakers we call magazines. Growing up one of my favourite things was hijacking my mum's mags, poring over pages of diet tips and fashion advice on flattering your figure. I learned a lot about womanhood through those magazines. No wonder I hated myself so young.