Saturday, 13 August 2016

55 Ways Body Positivity Could Change Your Life

Last week I reached out to you all on Instagram when I was having a bad bopo day. I told you that I was feeling weary fighting for something that so many people still refuse to open their minds to or accept. It happens! So to combat those body posi blues I asked you to tell me one way that body positivity has changed your life for the better - within 24 hours I had 1500 comments. I read through every single one, I took screenshots of the ones that hit closest to my heart, and the ones that showed all the magical unexpected ways we've been changed by this self love thing. My bad day quickly become one of the most inspiring experiences I've ever had. And if any of you out there need a reminder of why body positivity is so damn important, I think these will inspire you too. Thank you to EVERYONE who commented on my post that day, your words mean the world to me, and I promise I'll never stop. THIS IS HOW BODY POSITIVITY COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE: