Monday, 19 September 2016

To Troll or Not To Troll

Something major happened this week.

Something that there have been whispers about in the body positive community for months... could it be true? How will it work? Is it possible that Instagram is actually acknowledging the troll problem?! It looks like they might be. This week Instagram introduced a new feature that allows you to moderate your comments, you can choose to ban key words or phrases ('obesity epidemic' and 'vote trump' spring to mind), or turn off comments altogether. Obviously we were all pretty excited about this, it was like we'd finally been given our very own can of dickhead repellent spray. Finally we could go on our phones without fear of being emotionally sucker punched by gangs of 13 year old boys with cars as their profile pictures. Hallelujah! But it didn't take too long for a couple of practical problems with the feature to pop up: 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Hello World, I'm Fat

I shuffle into a room full of people, there’s stagnant coffee and stale biscuits on a table in the corner, the room smells faintly of Old Spice and desperation. An ominous circle of chairs dominates the room, the reason we’re all here. I take a seat hoping to avoid notice, just hoping to listen and connect with other people’s experiences. This doesn’t happen. A cheerful, chubby woman spots me.

“Hello dear, you must be new, why don’t you introduce yourself.”

I stand, palms sweating, lights dancing in front of my eyes, here goes nothing…

“Hi, my name’s Joeley, and, um… I’m fat.”

Only joking. Of course it didn’t happen like that. My life isn’t a Chuck Palahniuk novel. But this summer I did realise that I am fat.