Tuesday, 31 January 2017

One Thing I Got Really Wrong About Body Positivity

When I stumbled into the online body positive community two and half years ago I was thinner than I am now. I'd just finished yet another outrageously restrictive diet plan and extreme exercise regime and I'd hit my goal weight - 140lbs and a UK size 10. Of course, it didn't make me happy, there was always more weight to lose, more 'problem areas' to fix', and just when I was starting to realise that I couldn't starve and hate myself any longer, along came body positivity to save the day! I like to picture it flying in with a pink sparkly cape and a cake made out of rainbows and smiles that we can all eat and be happy.

The point being, I was thin when I found body positivity. I was welcomed into the community and given all the love and support in the world from the people there with bodies bigger than mine.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

An Open Letter To Iskra Lawrence (With New Update!)

Hey Iskra!

We've never spoken before, but I know that we have things in common. We both use social media to promote body positivity, self love, and eating disorder recovery. I've seen you do some kick ass interviews about bopo where you speak so passionately about overcoming your insecurities to pursue modeling, and I've cheered you on for that. But girl, we need to talk about what's just happened. We need to talk about you partnering up with SELF magazine to promote a New Year's diet and workout challenge and posting it on your social media for the world to see.