Thursday, 4 January 2018


Just stopping by to let you know that I am still writing blog posts - these days they're in the form of my new advice column for The Unedit, an amazing online body positive magazine.
So if you want to see more posts all about recovery, diet culture, self love, food, exercise and all things bopo, click here to head over there! You can also ask me a question yourself if there's something you want me to write about!

Love & bopo,

Sunday, 1 October 2017

An Apology To All Of The Fat People I've Hurt With My Account

When I found the online body positive community, I was thin. I wore a UK size 10, I had spent my entire life trying to lose weight, had battled anorexia, and had hated my body with every fibre of my being every step of the way.

So when I finally found a space in a tiny corner of the internet where people of every shape and size were embracing their bodies, I jumped straight in. They welcomed me, allowed me to learn from them, and cheered me on in overcoming my own lifetime of body hatred. None of us set out to become 'internet famous' or grow large followings - we were just a group of people healing together, figuring things out, trying to find our own happiness in a world that had taught us we weren't deserving of it, in one way or another.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Body Positive Power

"You have the power to break out of the diet cycle, to stop giving money to companies that profit from our self-hatred, and to take your happiness right now, instead of 10 pounds from now."
Body Positive Power

Just over a year ago, I got an email from an address that said penguinrandomhouse with a question about whether I'd ever thought of writing a book. Instant reaction: obviously a phishing scam. But upon inspection, the email was legit, I replied saying yes, and started the 9 month journey of growing a book baby and preparing to deliver it to the world (you guys).

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

When 3 Bopo Babes Went to Miami

Nearly a year ago Melly, Anna and I started talking about going on holiday somewhere together, and since then we've probably almost gone on about 4 different ones - first it was Vegas, then it was Barcelona, then it was Amsterdam, then it was Greece, and eventually, it became Miami.

Before this trip, I'd never met either of them before. But I was pretty sure I was not being Catfished, since I've known both Melly (@yourstruelymelly) and Anna (@glitterandlazers) on Instagram for around 3 years (Melly was actually the first body positive account I ever found, way back when we were the #pizzasisters4lyfe and Taylor Swift's Shake It Off was the original #donthatetheshake song).